Selection method of CNC  band saw

Issuing time:2020-01-14 00:00

CNC computer band saw machine purchase method also known as: curve band saw, CNC band saw, CNC band saw, bending cutting saw. How to choose a cost-effective computer band saw?

With the aggravation of labor shortage and the increase of labor cost, the best solution to solve this problem is to use automation equipment instead of manual work, but how to choose a cost-effective machine to maximize the value of furniture enterprises is in front of us.

Because the technology of computer band saw has been mastered by foreign countries before, the price is very high. With the continuous upgrading of domestic related industry technology, we have gradually mastered the program control algorithm of computer band saw, but we must pay attention to that, in fact, the program control algorithm of each company is not the same. This will directly affect the stability of the machine.

Computer band saw is mainly used to process solid wood or plate curve, just like the cutting machine is mainly used to process straight line, so it is suitable to process some panel materials, large plate materials, relatively standard products, especially suitable for the processing of some chairs, beds and other products.

Computer band saw is a typical CNC machine tool. Because z-axis is rotated, most of the general CNC systems in the market can not meet their needs. Therefore, most of the manufacturers of band saw develop analytical software to analyze the graphic path, and then use the general CNC system to run.

In this way, there are many dazzling computer band saw systems, among which there are many outstanding ones, but there is also a lot of garbage.

The core is whether the XY axis moves accurately with the saw blade when it turns. This is the first condition for sawing smooth and accurate products, but it is far from enough. More attention should be paid to the following six points:

1: The control of lead in and lead out is unreasonable, and whether there is end trimming function will directly affect the adaptability of the machine to the products to be processed. Unless your panel is an absolute standard size, the products to be processed will not be allowed, and the standard of the materials will not be found in the subsequent forming processing.

2: Whether the speed optimization is reasonable or not will affect the use of band saw blade, which can be tested by using various elements in a figure.

3: Processing of unexpected interruptions in processing.

4: It's very important that the operation of the machine is difficult and easy to program. Many factories spend money on equipment, but the service personnel of the machine manufacturer can't use it as soon as they leave. Most of the reasons are caused by this.

5: Is the selection of mechanical parts genuine parts of large factories,

6: After sales service, it's needless to say that everyone knows this, but I want to say that it's not only the manufacturer's explanation of how long the warranty lasts, but also the manufacturer's overall technical strength. Whether it's self repair or overall depends on its suppliers.

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